Child’s Farm – product review

I have decided to write a review on the very popular children's skin care company, Child's Farm! Our youngest daughter was struck with HFM a week ago and although she was fine in herself, her skin would disagree. Angry blisters covered her bottom, around her mouth, between her toes and fingers. They looked so red… Continue reading Child’s Farm – product review


Loosing our own identity

At the beginning of the summer I decided to increase the amount of hours at work. It's an awesome environment to be in, and a place that I feel incredibly secure within. But the key to my honest happiness and good moral, is flexible working. If I wasn't appreciated for the hours I could offer,… Continue reading Loosing our own identity


The world isn’t against you.

Summer of 2017 I began writing this back at the end of summer 2017. Isla was just beginning to settle down after having a sibling join her perfect family. She was trying desperately to adjust her emotions. Her level of frustration was high. The vocabulary journey for a two year old is challenging, for both… Continue reading The world isn’t against you.